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Looking for Genuine Airstream Door Lock? We trying hard to provide every possible solution for locking your Airstream. Our OEM and aftermarket Airstream door locks will fit. Buy with confidence. Security should be the number One priority. Keep yourself secure whether you inside your Airstream or enjoy Camping world outside. 

Main Door Lock Replacement for 1978 - 1991 Airstream 106480
Airstream Main Door Lock for 1978 to 1991 trailers (must slightly modify door)Compatibility: 1978 - ..
Chrome Lock Set for Airstream Entry Door LH 381547-01
Chrome Entrance Door Lock Set LH. Airstream Main Door Lock.Left Hand Lock - When you face entry..
Chrome Lock Set for Airstream Entry Door RH 381547-09
This chrome set is for the right hand side.Airstream Main Door Lock.Right Hand Lock - When you face ..
Inside Lock Handle for Airstream Entry Door RH 381547-11
Entrance Door Hardware RH Black-Inside Plate without Dead BoltAirstream Main Door Lock Handle.Right ..
Inside Lock Handle for Airstream Entry Door LH 381547-07
Inside Plate Assembly non dead boltAirstream Main Door Lock Handle. Compatibility: 2005 to Curr..
Inside Lock Handle for Airstream Entry Door LH 381547-02
This inside door handle will replace the old one on the the main door of Airstream trailers.Airstrea..
Airstream Main Entry Door Lock Assembly 381423
Main Entry Door Lock assemblySet include exterior and exterior plates and hardwareCompatibility: Air..
Door Lock 1970 - 1977 Airstream 380193 NLA
NO LONGER AVAILABLEThis replaces the entire assembly of the Airstream KT Lock. This is a f..
Main Entry Door Round Dead Bolt Lock 382069
Round Dead Bolt Lock replace square dead bolt lock on Airstream main entry door. Replacement Keys p/..
Main Entry Door Square Dead Bolt 381323-01 NLA
Door Square Dead BoltAirstream Main Door Dead Bolt.Due to square dead bolt being discontinued  ..
Airstream Main Door Dead Bolt Lock 929953
Additional Main Door Dead Bolt Lock Compatibility: Fits Airstream doors.Standard or drive-in st..
Double Rotary Latch for Airstream Entry Door Lock LH 381547-03
Double Rotary Latch left handCompatibility: 2005 and up Airstream Main door lock set:Chrome Entrance..
Double Rotary Latch for Airstream Entry Door Lock RH 381547-10
Double Rotary Latch right hand (standing outside trailer door hinges on the right)Compatibility:&nbs..
Keeler Brass Lock Exterior Handle Reproduction 105033
Adding to our inventory of vintage Airstream parts is this great new part. This lock handl..
Stainless Steel Screw for Main Door KT Lock 91735A-199
Stainless Steel ScrewSize: 8/32" X 1"Compatibility: holds part #685198 in the Airstream KT Lock..
Airstream Slide Bolt for KT Lock 70-77 # 380633
The slide bolt for the main door KT LockCompatibility:  Airstream Trailers 1970 - 1977Plea..
Outside Door Handle for Main Door KT Lock 380346
The KT Lock outside door handle is the flat handle found on the outside of the mechanism. The handle..
Interior Handle for Main Door KT Lock 380345
The KT Lock inside handle replaces the old handle. The handles are manufactured in USA and ship quic..
KT Lock 70 - 77 Airstream Roll Pin Small 380343
Roll Pin for Main Entry Door KT Lockfor lock handle shaft Compatibility: 1970 - 1977 AirstreamD..
Large Roll Pin For KT Main Door Lock 380634
Main Door Lock Pin for KT LockLargeCompatibility: 1970 - 1977 AirstreamQty:1..
Ball and Spring for Main Door KT Lock 380635
Airstream Main Entry Door KT Lock Ball and Spring Compatibility: 1970 - 1977 Airstream ..
Slide Bolt Spring for Main Door KT Lock 380344
KT Lock Slide Bolt SpringCompatibility: 1970 - 1977 Airstream The slide bolt spring pushes the ..
Knurled Pin for Airstream Main Door KT Lock 380347
The KT lock knurled pin is the pin you slide up and down on to lock or unlock the door from inside t..
Horizontal Locking Shaft for Main Door KT Lock 685198
KT Lock Horizontal Locking ShaftThis is the shaft that holds the inside handle, operates the lock fr..
Vertical Shaft for Main Door KT Lock 380348
KT Lock Airstream Vertical ShaftThis pin is used to make the handle spring back into place afte..
Lever Spring for KT Lock 70 - 77 Airstream 1110-0015
The KT Lock 70-77 lever spring keeps tension on the outside door latch, keeping it from falling open..
Vertical Locking Shaft for KT Lock 70-77 Airstream 682385
The KT lock 70-77 vertical locking shaft slides up and down to engage the slide bolt. This is what a..
Key Cylinder for KT Lock 70 - 77 Airstream 035167-01 NLA
Key Cylinder with 2 keysCompatibility: KT Lock 1970 - 1977 Airstream Trailers SOLD OUT, NO LONG..
Bargman L-100 Door Lock Plate Interior 106103-01
Lock Plate InteriorMaterial: CastChrome PlatedNew old stock. Limited supply.Compatibility: Bargman L..
Bargman L-200 Door Lock Face Plate Interior 106103-02
New old stock. Limited supply.Compatibility: Bargman L-200 was used on Airstream Trailers in 60s'..
Bargman L-100, L-200 Door Lock Face Plate Exterior 106103
Bargman L-100, L-200 door lock face plate exterior.Aluminum CastChrome Plated New Old Stock. Limited..
Bargman L66 Lock Turn Cylinder 107725-02
Bargman L66 Lock Turn CylinderGenuine Bargman Part New old stock. Limited Supply ..
Bargman L66 Locking Lever 107725-03
Bargman L66 Locking Lever Genuine Bargman Part New Old Stock...
Bargman L66 Lock Striker Push Plate 107725-01
Bargman L66 Lock Striker Push PlateGenuine Bargman Part New Old Stock.Limited Supply..
Bargman Door Lock Shank L-100, L-200 SQ 106753 NLA
Bargman Door Lock ShankCompatibility:  L-100, L-200, 1960s' Airstream Trailers Shank 2 3/8..
Bargman L-100, L-200 Striker Housing 105042-01
Bargman Lock  L-100, L-200 Striker HousingMaterial: SteelCompatibility: Late 60s' Airstreams&nb..
Bargman Lock L-100, L-200 Inside Cam 106754
Inside Cam new old stockLimited supplyCompatibility:  Bargman L-100, L-200 1960s' Airstream Tra..
Long Bolt for Bargman L-100 to Convert to L-100 Special 106130
We are proud to add this to our inventory of vintage AIrstream parts. This bolt has improv..
Bargman L-100 Short Bolt 106130-100
Bargman L-100 Short BoltNew old stock, limited quantity. ..
Brass Insert for Bargman L-100, L-200 Door Lock 108059
Brass Insert for Bargman L-100, L-200 Door LockNew old stock. Limited supply.Compatibility: Bargman ..
Bargman H-20 Door Handle Reproduction 107217 NLA
SOLD OUT, NO LONGER AVAILABLEAdding to our inventory of vintage Airstream parts is this gr..
Entry Door Latch Striker Plate 200457
This Entry Door Latch Striker Plate is replacement for obsolete striker plates on older Airstre..
Hold Back for Main Door 201056
This striker fits the main door to secure the main door to the frame.Compatibility: p/n 380291Materi..
Entry Door Holder with Bracket 201879-01
Entry Door Holder w/bracket. Used to secure main entry door in open position.Bracket is attached to ..
Schlage Main Door Dead Bolt with 2 Keys 381004
Schlage Main Entry Door Lock with 2 keysCompatibility: 1980s' Airstream.Mounting Hardware included &..
Bargman L-300 Door Lock Cylinder 106152
Bargman L-300 Main Door Lock CylinderCompatibility: Used on some Airstream Motorhome Classic ..
Airstream Strike Pocket Main Door 385595
Strike Pocket Airstream Trailer Main DoorCompatibility: 2001 to present AirstreamSize: 2-1/2" x 1"&n..
Airstream Main Entry Door Plunger 105009
Plunger for vintage Airstream main entry doorUsed To: Keep Doors OpenCompatibility: Fits a..
Bargman L-77 Lock Cylinder 106306
This key cylinder will replace an old one in an L-77 lock. This cylinder includes a key.Compatibilit..
Airstream Nylon Catch Clip 106624
Catch clip to replace the original catch clip on vintage Airstream screen door..
Spacer - Striker Main Door for Airstream 203620
Spacer - Striker for Airstream Main Entry DoorMaterial: Plastic..
Chesler Lock Assembly New Old Stock 109975 NLA
This is a limited supply. Made in Japan. New Part. NLA SOLD OUTCompatibility: 1968 second half to 19..
1978 - 1985 Keeler Brass Main Entry Door Lock NLA
Main Entry door lock assemblyWith 2 keysCompatibility: 1978 - 1985 Airstream. Keeler Brass. SOLD OUT..
Airstream Main Door Dead Bolt 380879 NLA
Airstream Dead BoltCompatibility: 1980 - 1990s' AirstreamsOffset: 1 3/4. NO LONGER AVAILABLE, SOLD O..
Chesler Lock Inside Handle Plate 109975-100 NLA
Aluminum Cast Plate with Handle for Chesler lock. Sold Out. No Longer Available. Compatibility:..
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