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Cabinet parts

Self Closing Cabinet Hinge # 381607-11
Airstream Cabinet Self Closing Hinge OEM # 381607-11Please Note: Base plate for this hinge sold sepa..
Base Plate for Cabinet Door Hinge 381607-12
Base Plate for Cabinet Door HingeCompatibility: Door Hinge p/n: 381607-11Self Closing Cabinet Hinge ..
Magnetic Touch Cabinet Latch 381653 (Pack of 2)
Magnetic Touch Cabinet Latch for Airstream CabinetsCompatibility: Safari, Bambi..
Sliding Door Guide Single 381100
Sliding door guide for Airstream CabinetsCompatibility: 1985 and up Airstream QTY: 1..
Hinge Burnished Brass 381799 (Pack of 2)
Airstream Cabinets Hinge Burnished BrassCompatibility: 2000 - 2009 Classic QTY: 2..
Catch Grabber Door 10 Lbs 381228
Catch Grabber Door for Airstream Cabinets. Used on both trailers and Airstream Motorhomes from 1998-..
Catch Grabber Door 5 Lbs 381228-02
Catch Grabber Door for Airstream Cabinets. Used on both trailers and Airstream Motorhomes ..
Catch Grabber Door 3 Lbs 381228-01 NLA
Airstream Catch Grabber Door 3 LbsNo Longer Available  Please use 381228-02-catch grabber ..
Mini Touch Latch 403280
Airstream Mini Touch Latch   Catch Is Released With A Simple Push Of The Door  &..
Lid Stay Left Hafele 381608-05
Airstream Overhead Cabinet Lid Stay Left Hafele  Compatibility: 1999 to 2006 Airstrea..
Lid Stay Right Hafele 381608-04
Airstream Overhead Cabinet Lid Stay Right HafeleCompatibility: 1999 to 2006 Airstream..
Overhead Cabinet Door Hinge Pair 381840-02/01
Airstream Overhead Cabinet Door Hinge Pair.OEM p/n 381840-02 and 381840-01 LH and RHF..
Cabinet Tension Catch 2-ball Brass (Pack of 2) 381856
Airstream Cabinet Tension Catch 2-ball Brass, Pack of 2Dimensions: 2 1/4 x 3/8 x 1/2Used To: Ke..
Wardrobe Door Hinge Pivot Nickel Plated (Pack of 2) 382159
Wardrobe Hinge Pivot Nickel PlatedCompatibility: on 1999 to present and can be used as replacement f..
Cabinet Doors Clips Front Fixing (Set of 2) 382203-06
This clips work on the cabinets on AIrstream trailers built in 2014-2015. Compatibility: p/n&nb..
Cabinet Door Slide 15" Tandem Self Close 382203-03
Cabinet Door Slide 15" Tandem Self Close QTY: PairSize: 15"DimensionsLength15 1/2"Width1 1/2"..
Cabinet Door Slide 21" Tandem Self Close 382203-05
Airstream Cabinet Door Slide 21" Tandem Self Close QTY: PairSize: 15"..
Flying Cloud Laminate Edgebanding 5/8" 365343-01
Laminate Edgebanding 5/8"Compatibility: Airstream Flying Cloud 2010-2017.Sold by roll of 10'..
Flying Cloud Laminate Edgebanding 1-1/4" 365343-03
Laminate Edgebanding 1-1/4" Compatibility: Airstream Flying Cloud 2010-2017.Sold by roll of 10'..
Flying Cloud Laminate Edgebanding 1" 365343-02
Laminate Edgebanding 1"Compatibility: Airstream Flying Cloud 2010-2017.Sold by roll of 10'..
Serenety Laminate Edgebanding 5/8" 365344-01
Serenety Laminate Edgebanding 5/8"Compatibility: Airstream Serenity 2010-2017.Sold by roll of 10'..
Airstream International Laminate Edgebanding 1-1/4" 365364-03
Airstream  Laminate Edgebanding Compatibility: International ModelsSold by 10' roll ..
Airstream International Laminate Edgebanding 5/8" 365364-01
Laminate Edgebanding 5/8"Compatibility: Airstream InternationalSold by 10' roll ..
Airstream Onyx Laminate Edgebanding 1" 365346-02
Laminate Edgebanding 1"Compatibility: Airstream OnyxSold by roll of 10'..
Airstream Sport Laminate Edgebanding 5/8" 365348-01
Laminate Edgebanding 5/8"Compatibility: Airstream SportSold by 10' roll ..
Cabinet Tambour Hickory Sheet
Tambour Sheet with Hickory finish Size: 47" x 36" Compatibilty: 1970s' Airstreams with Hic..
Drawer Pull-Flush Satin 381775
Airstream Cabinet Drawer Pull-Flush SatinCompatibility: 2003 and up AirstreamSize: 4-1/8"..
Rim Lock Hafele 381608-02
Rim Lock HafeleCompatibility: 1999 to 2001 Airstream Bambi and Safari, may fit other Airstreams, ple..
Hafele Rosette 381608-09
Hafele Rosette for Airstream cabinetCompatibility: 2000 - 20009 Airstreams, may fit other years, ple..
Hafele Latch Push Button 381608-08
Hafele Latch Push Button for Airstream Cabinet Latch Rim Lock HafeleCompatibilty: 2000 - 2009, ..
Hafele Latch Strike Plate 381608-07
Hafele Latch Strike Plate for Airstream Trailer Cabinet LatchCompatibility: 1999 to 2009 Airstream B..
Push Button Latch Black 381408
Airstream Push Button Latch BlackCompatibilty: Late 80s' to early 2000s'. Cabinet latch used on inte..
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