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Cabinet parts

Self Closing Cabinet Hinge # 381607-11
Airstream Cabinet Self Closing Hinge OEM # 381607-11Please Note: Base plate for this hinge sold sepa..
Base Plate for Cabinet Door Hinge Cast 381607-13
Base Plate for Cabinet Door HingePlease make sure you ordering correct plate. This plate is cast ste..
Base Plate for Cabinet Door Hinge Stamped 381607-12
Base Plate for Cabinet Door HingePlease make sure you ordering correct plate. This plate is steel st..
Drawer Slide 14" for Airstream Kitchen Cabinets (Pair) 381526-01
Drawer Slide white (pack of 2)Compatibility: Airstream kitchen cabinetsSize: 350 mm..
Drawer Slide 18" for Airstream Cabinets (Pack of 2) 381192
Drawer Slide Pair LH and RHCompatibility: Airstream CabinetsCapacity: 100 lbsSlide Type: Ball B..
Magnetic Touch Cabinet Latch 381653 (Pack of 2)
Magnetic Touch Cabinet Latch for Airstream CabinetsCompatibility: Safari, Bambi..
Cabinet Sliding Door Guide Single 381100
Sliding door guide for Airstream CabinetsCompatibility: 1985 and up AirstreamType: Bottom Guide..
Cabinet Hinge Burnished Brass 381799 (Pack of 2)
Airstream Cabinets Hinge Burnished BrassCompatibility: 2000 - 2009 Classic QTY: 2..
Cabinet Catch Grabber Door 10 Lbs 381228
Catch Grabber Door for Airstream Cabinets. Used on both trailers and Airstream Motorhomes from 1998-..
Cabinet Catch Grabber Door 5 Lbs 381228-02
Catch Grabber Door for Airstream Cabinets. Used on both trailers and Airstream Motorhomes ..
Catch Grabber Door 3 Lbs 381228-01 NLA
Airstream Catch Grabber Door 3 LbsNo Longer Available  Please use 381228-02-catch grabber ..
Cabinet Mini Touch Latch 403280
Airstream Mini Touch Latch   Catch Is Released With A Simple Push Of The Door  &..
Upper Cabinets Lid Stay Left Hafele 381608-05
Airstream Overhead Cabinet Lid Stay Left Hafele  Compatibility: 1999 to 2006 Airstrea..
Upper Cabinets Lid Stay Right Hafele 381608-04
Airstream Overhead Cabinet Lid Stay Right HafeleCompatibility: 1999 to 2006 Airstream..
Overhead Cabinet Door Hinge Pair 381840-02/01
Airstream Overhead Cabinet Door Hinge Pair.OEM p/n 381840-02 and 381840-01 LH and RHF..
Cabinet Tension Catch 2-ball Brass (Pack of 2) 381856
Airstream Cabinet Tension Catch 2-ball Brass, Pack of 2Dimensions: 2 1/4 x 3/8 x 1/2Used To: Ke..
Wardrobe Door Hinge Pivot Nickel Plated (Pack of 2) 382159
Wardrobe Hinge Pivot Nickel PlatedCompatibility: on 1999 to present and can be used as replacement f..
Cabinet Doors Clips Front Fixing (Set of 2) 382203-06
This clips work on the cabinets on AIrstream trailers built in 2014-2015. Compatibility: p/n&nb..
Cabinet Door Slide 15" Tandem Self Close 382203-03
Cabinet Door Slide 15" Tandem Self Close QTY: PairSize: 15"DimensionsLength15 1/2"Width1 1/2"..
Cabinet Door Slide 21" Tandem Self Close 382203-05
Airstream Cabinet Door Slide 21" Tandem Self Close QTY: PairSize: 15"..
Flying Cloud Laminate Edgebanding 5/8" 365343-01
Laminate Edgebanding 5/8"Compatibility: Airstream Flying Cloud 2010-2017.Sold by roll of 10'..
Flying Cloud Laminate Edgebanding 1-1/4" 365343-03
Laminate Edgebanding 1-1/4" Compatibility: Airstream Flying Cloud 2010-2017.Sold by roll of 10'..
Flying Cloud Laminate Edgebanding 1" 365343-02
Laminate Edgebanding 1"Compatibility: Airstream Flying Cloud 2010-2017.Sold by roll of 10'..
Serenety Laminate Edgebanding 5/8" 365344-01
Serenety Laminate Edgebanding 5/8"Compatibility: Airstream Serenity 2010-2017.Sold by roll of 10'..
Airstream International Laminate Edgebanding 1-1/4" 365364-03
Airstream  Laminate Edgebanding Compatibility: International ModelsSold by 10' roll ..
Airstream International Laminate Edgebanding 5/8" 365364-01
Laminate Edgebanding 5/8"Compatibility: Airstream InternationalSold by 10' roll ..
Airstream Onyx Laminate Edgebanding 1" 365346-02
Laminate Edgebanding 1"Compatibility: Airstream OnyxSold by roll of 10'..
Airstream Sport Laminate Edgebanding 5/8" 365348-01
Laminate Edgebanding 5/8"Compatibility: Airstream SportSold by 10' roll ..
Cabinet Tambour Hickory Sheet 800368-010
Tambour Sheet with Hickory finish Size: 47" x 36" Compatibilty: 1970s' Airstreams with Hic..
Cabinet Drawer Pull-Flush Satin 381775
Airstream Cabinet Drawer Pull-Flush SatinCompatibility: 2003 and up AirstreamMaterial: stainless ste..
Rim Lock Hafele 381608-02
Rim Lock HafeleCompatibility: 1999 to 2001 Airstream Bambi and Safari, may fit other Airstreams, ple..
Hafele Rosette 381608-09
Hafele Rosette for Airstream cabinetCompatibility: 2000 - 20009 Airstreams, may fit other years, ple..
Hafele Latch Push Button 381608-08
Hafele Latch Push Button for Airstream Cabinet Latch Rim Lock HafeleCompatibilty: 2000 - 2009, ..
Hafele Latch Strike Plate 381608-07
Hafele Latch Strike Plate for Airstream Trailer Cabinet LatchCompatibility: 1999 to 2009 Airstream B..
Push Button Latch Black 381408
Airstream Push Button Latch BlackCompatibilty: Late 80s' to early 2000s'. Cabinet latch used on inte..
Telescopic Door Travel Latch 682543
Telescopic Door Travel Latch Compatibility: 1970s' Airstream Sliding door..
Airstream Cabinet Latch Brown 201148-01
Cabinet latch brownCompatibility: 1971-74 Airstream Trailer DimensionsLength2 1/2"Width3"..
Cabinet Latch Brown 200144
Cabinet latch plastic brownCompatibility: 1975-1983 AirstreamDimensionsLength3 3/4"Width2 1/4"Height..
Cabinet Door Latch White 18669
Cabinet door latch WhiteCompatibility: 1971 - 1974 Airstream ..
Header End Cap 200156
Airstream Header end capCompatibility: 1970s' Airstreams  ..
Cabinet Latch Rooster Catch Style 106395
Rooster Catch can be used to secure cabinet doors for early 50s' Airstreams..
3" Surface Bolt Latch 201887
Surface Bolt LatchNon LockableType: Drive-InBackset Size: 3 Inch X 5/8 InchColor: Gol..
Window Sash Latch 106401
This latch is your close match for 1940s' cabinet latches and any other aluminum Airstream cabinets...
Cabinet Door Double Roller Catch (Pack of 2) 201889
Double Roller Catch w/Prong can be installed on any style of door or cabinet to provide a positive c..
Bulldog Cabinet Door Catch (Pack of 2) 381074
Bulldog Door Catch for Airstream Cabinets QTY: Pack of 2..
Metal Cabinet Door Strut (Pack of 2) 201902
Metal Cabinet Door Strut Pack of 2 These overhead cabinet door struts are spring loaded to provide a..
Tambour door end cap white pair 1974 - 1979
Airstream Trailer Tambour door end cap white pair 1974 - 1979. DimensionsLength1 5/16"Width3/4"..
48" Piano Cabinet Punched Aluminum Hinge
Piano Hinge Punched AluminumSize: .042 x 1-3/4 x 48" hinge Size is given as thickness first then wid..
Tambour Door Handle End Cap White (Pair) 682475-01
Airstream Trailer 1970s'Tambour Door Handle End Cap White (pack of 2)  ..
Brown Tambour Spiral Guide 201164
Brown tambour spiral guide new. Airstream Cabinets build in 70s' and 80s' ..
Airstream Cabinet Pull Handle 382030
Airstream Cabinet Pull HandleCompatibility:  2007- 2008  Airstream Flying Cloud, Internati..
Cabinet Door Strike Catch Black 200233
This cabinet door catch/striker is a perfect replacement for the old catch on your Airstream cabinet..
Finger Pull Cabinet Door Lite Brown 201427
Finger  Pull Cabinet  Door Lite BrownCompatibility: 1995-2014 Airstream Classic, LimitedDi..
Tambour Door Handle (Per ft.) 108039
Airstream Cabinet Tamboor Door Handle 1974 -1980, This is sold by the foot, so if you need 10 feet o..
Aluminum Counter Top Trim 8' Long 115064
This is the aluminum trim on counters in the galley of Airstream trailers.Length:  8' Comp..
Wire Rack for Airstream Pantries 381551-02
This is the wire rack used in newer Airsteams  slide out pantry Compatibility: 25', 27' Ai..
Cabinet Door Slide Brackets Pair 381526-06
Airstream Cabinet Door Slide BracketsCompatibility: 1990 - 2009 Airstream trailersQTY:2..
70s' Airstream Drawer Slide Roller LH 201018-02 NLA
Drawer slider for the left hand side.Compatibility: 1970s' Airstream Trailer NLA, SOLD OUT..
70s' Airstream Drawer Slide Roller RH 201018 NLA
 Drawer slide roller RH. 1970s' Airstream Trailer.NO LONGER AVAILABLE, SOLD OUT..
Tambour Door End Cap Brown pair 201163 NLA
Tambour door end cap brown pairCompatibility: 1970s' Aistream TrailerNLA, SOLD OUTDimensio..
Upper Cabinet 5" Spiral Tambour LH NLA
This spiral was used on 1970s' Airstream Trailer Tambour Cabinet DoorsNO LONGER AVAILABLE, SOLD OUT..
White Tambour Spiral Guide Pair 200068 NLA
White tambour spiral guide pair. White Airstream Cabinets build in 70s' and 80s'  NO LONGE..
Airstream Rooflocker Latch Brown NLA
 Rooflocker latch brown SOLD OUT NLACompatibility: 1965 - 1970 Airstream Trailer ..
Airstream Rooflocker Latch White NLA
 Rooflocker latch white NLA SOLD OUTCompatibility: 1965 - 1970 Airstream Trailer ..
Airstream Cabinet Latch White NLA
Cabinet latch white Compatibility: 1971 -1974 Airstream Trailer NO LONGER AVAILABLE!..
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