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680IM Control Bracket Assy

Please find the Part you need on the diagram above and click on the P/N number below in the table. Parts which are not listed below are Discontinued.

Ref #
Part Name
Part Note
Board, Power Supply, 2-Way

Board, Power Supply, 3-Way

Control Module Assy, Ignition, Single Electrode

1339214961611622Fuse, 5 Amp, 110 Volt

1539223461654622Fuse, Glass, 3 AMP, 32V OR Less

1839175061475122Gasket, Orifice

22391920621702Heater, AC, Horizontal Burner, 300W/110VAC

23391973626832Heater, DC, Horizontal Burner, 225W/14VDC