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660IM Cabinet Assy Double Doors

Please find the Part you need on the diagram above and click on the P/N number below in the table. Parts which are not listed below are Discontinued.

Ref #
Part Name
Part Note
939194061578130Hinge Pin, Male, Black
Not Shown


619007Bin, Ice Cube/Crisper, Clear

1239194561580722Bushing, Hinge, Center

1439192861566730Shaft, Hinge Pin, Center, Black

1539221161629722Bracket Assy, Lamp

1639218061628922Lamp, DC Light Bulb, GE#214-2

17392266621827Cover/Lens, Lamp Bracket

1839198261564122Glass Shelf/Crisper Cover

19391994617758Crisper, White
Use 39-1994, was White/Blue Trim
22392148617756Shelf Tray for Wire Shelf w/Cut-out, WhiteUse 39-2148, was Gray

Not Shown39200261580222Retainer, Shelf, Wire

2939194261578522Door Latch