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Rock Guard Wide Body Airstream - 3 Piece - 110188-01

Brand: Airstream Airstream
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  • Part Number: 110188-01
  • Part Location: U.S.
  • Availability: Special Order
  • Delivery: 2 - 6 Weeks by Airstream
Retail: $2,859.21
Price: $2,723.06
You Save: $136.15
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Rock guard assembly

Included: brackets, hardware, upper hinge, gasket and lifting mechanism

Thermoformed tinted plexiglass

Anodized aluminum Frame

Can be broken down to individual pieces.

Compatibility: 1995 to Current Airstream wide body

These are OEM Airstream parts so you can be sure that they will fit the trailers in that year range.


Buyers are solely responsible for ensuring that product use and fitment is consistent with their Airstream year and model. Airstream makes modifications to their products from time to time, and models may differ from year to year. When searching for the right product for your year and model, make sure to reference the Airstream Parts Book that can be found at the top of the Airstream section of our website.

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