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1999 Airstream Bambi Plumbing Fresh Water

The 1999 Airstream Bambi Fresh Water System is an essential component of the recreational vehicle designed to ensure clean and fresh water is readily available at all times. This system is a part of the premium features that set Airstream models apart from other RVs on the market. It serves as a mobile freshwater storage and supply system that is primarily for use in the kitchen and bathroom facilities of the Bambi model.

This efficient system features an onboard water tank. This tank is specially designed to store a significant amount of water to ensure a plentiful supply when on the road or in remote camping locations.

The freshwater system also includes a water pump. It provides enough pressure to draw water from the tank and supply it to the various outlets within the RV, such as the kitchen sink, shower, and toilet.

It is designed to be easily refilled, either by hooking up to an external water source or manually filling the tank. The system uses a carefully designed filtration process to ensure the water remains clean and safe to use.

The 1999 Airstream Bambi Fresh Water System is built with high-grade, durable materials to prevent leaks and ensure long-lasting performance. It is sealed and insulated to protect it from the elements and prevent contamination of the stored water.