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1999 Airstream Bambi Plumbing Drain System

The 1999 Airstream Bambi Sewer System is an integral part of the trailer designed for efficient waste management and disposal during your camping or touring adventures. As with all aspects of Airstream, it represents the brand's meticulous attention to detail, practicality, and user-friendliness.

The system comes with a gray water tank and a black water tank. The black water tank is for sewage and the gray water tank is for waste from the shower and sinks. Its capacity is designed to hold waste for several days, sufficient for most short to medium-range trips.

The 1999 Airstream Bambi Sewer System is strategically located and properly insulated to prevent freezing during cold weather. It also works with an external hookup system that allows for easy and hygienic disposal at approved campground disposal sites. The sewer system features an efficient valve system that helps control the disposal process, ensuring there is no backflow or contamination.

The system is designed to be used in conjunction with toilet chemicals that help break down waste for easy disposal, control odors and keep the tank clean. It ensures that no solid waste remains, preventing damage to the system.