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Olympic Rivets - 5/32" Shaveable Airstream - Pack of 100 - 682616-100

Brand: Airstream Airstream
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  • Part Number: 682616-100
  • Part Location: U.S.
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Retail: $34.10
Price: $32.48
You Save: $1.62
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Aluminum Shaveable Head Bulb-tite Rivets 5/32 diameter. You will need a rivet shaver to give the appearance of solid rivet (Part # 106232)

Some of these rivets will have gasket. We recommend to remove and use sealer instead. 

Rivet installation tool: p/n # 105001

Use Sikaflex 221 or Trempro seal for installation (sold separately)

Blind Rivet 5/32" [.156] (.020-.312 Grip) 

Compatibility: These rivets are used on Airstream trailers from 1948 to Present all models, primarily as a exterior main body service rivets 

Quantity: Pack of 100.

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Reviews for Olympic Rivets - 5/32" Shaveable Airstream - Pack of 100 - 682616-100(2)
Rodney Conner02/15/2021
Not the right rivets and still waiting on a call back
Thomas Mcdermott08/23/2019
Quality rivets. High Sky RV top notch, will do business with again.
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