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Measuring for Zip Dee Awnings on Airstreams


One of the great things about Zip Dee awnings is the relative ease of ordering and installing a new one. The hardware is fairly simple and the awning fabric comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. We can sell any part that Zip Dee makes as well as any Sunbrella awning fabric available today.

In order to get the right part for you trailer there is some information we will need from you. The first bit of info we'll need is the year of your trailer. Zip Dee awnings fall into two ranges, pre-1989 and post-1989. Although the hardware is very similar between the two epochs, there are some key differences. If you order a part for awnings made prior to 1989 to go on a 1995 trailer, it will probably not work. 

Once you've determined the age range your parts come from, you can use the awning schematic tool on our website to find the exact part you need. If you need parts for an awning built prior to 1989 use this awning schematic tool if you need parts for an awning built after 1989 use this awning schematic tool. The tools are easy to use, just put your mouse over the part you need and it will bring up the name and part number of the part. Once you've decided on the part you, just click on it to be taken to a page where you can add it to your shopping cart.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in 1994 Zip Dee added a bright option to their hardware. This gives you two choices, stain finish or bright. Generally the satin option will cost a little bit more. The main thing to keep in mind though is that if you're current hardware is all satin buying and installing a bright finished piece is going to look strange.

If you want to order a complete awning, the roller bar or fabric we will need one more piece of information, the width of the awning. The correct measurement is obtained by measuring from the center rivet in the front and the center rivet on the back. Please see the picture below. The red arrow points to the two rivets that you will need to measure between. This measurement needs to be accurate to within 1/4" in order to ensure that everything will fit correctly.

To order an awning you can book a call with our awning expert

Dmitri Sorokovski Expert
Dmitri Sorokovski

Awning Expert

Rivet Measure on Airstream