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Floor & Wall Registers

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RV Floor & Wall Registers are essential components in an RV that help regulate and distribute the flow of air from the heating and air conditioning systems to the interior of the vehicle.

The RV Floor Registers are often rectangular or circular in shape. They are designed to fit into floor slots, making them flush with the floor. These registers are primarily used for downward flowing air, functioning as outlets for your heating system. They are typically made from heavy-duty materials like steel or plastic to endure heavy usage and foot traffic. The registers feature adjustable dampers that allow for easy control of the airflow. The damper can be opened or closed to let out or block air. Some floor registers come with a mesh screen underneath to prevent small objects from falling into the duct.

On the other hand, RV Wall Registers are designed to fit into the wall of your RV. These are used to regulate the flow of air from your air conditioning system. The wall registers are usually flat, rectangular, and mounted in a vertical or horizontal orientation. They also have adjustable dampers for controlling the air that gets circulated. Wall registers are generally more complicated to install than floor registers, as they require wall cutouts.

Some RV registers are designed to be versatile, and can be installed on the floor, wall, or ceiling. They are also available in several colours to match your RV's interior.

Advantages of RV Floor & Wall Registers:

1. They provide efficient airflow control, allowing you to adjust the temperature inside the RV.

2. Floor registers are durable and can withstand frequent foot traffic.

3. Wall registers help distribute air more evenly throughout the RV.

4. Registers can help maintain your RV's interior comfort level regardless of the weather conditions outside.

5. They add avesthetic appeal to your RV's interior.

6. Versatile registers that can be used on floor, wall or ceiling provide increased flexibility in maintaining ideal airflow and temperature.

7. Some registers come with mesh screens to prevent debris or small objects from falling into the ductwork.

8. The use of these registers can increase the lifespan of your RV's HVAC system by ensuring proper airflow.

9. They can be easily cleaned and maintained, contributing to the overall cleanliness of the RV.

10. Their installation and use in an RV system promote energy efficiency.