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1999 Airstream Excella Electrical 12 Volt

The 1999 Airstream Excella Electrical 12 Volt is an impressive electrical system integrated into a travel trailer, designed to power various utilities and make camping streamlined and more comfortable. This system utilizes a 12-volt electric power, equivalent to most car and marine batteries, which allows various appliances and fixtures within the trailer to function even without a direct hookup to the power grid.

This unique electrical system is equipped to manage essentials such as lights, water pumps, fans, and the trailer's furnace without impacting performance. The 1999 Airstream Excella Electrical 12 Volt also features a built-in battery charging system, allowing the trailer to convert 120V AC power into 12V DC power when connected to a campground's power source in order to recharge the battery.

The 1999 Airstream Excella Electrical 12 Volt system is efficiently designed, allowing power supply to be both sustainable and economical. The smart, self-regulating charging feature prevents overcharging the system, lengthening battery life and saving cost.