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1999 Airstream Excella Chassis

The 1999 Airstream Excella Chassis is a versatile and sturdy base unit that is built to support the ever-popular Airstream Excella recreational vehicles. It comes with a set of unique features specifically designed to offer stability, support, and overall performance on the roadway.

Constructed with high-quality steel, the chassis serves as the backbone of the Excella, contributing to its strength and durability. Its superior build quality helps to endure the various stresses exerted on it during travels, hence ensuring a longer lifespan for the Excella.

The design of the 1999 Airstream Excella Chassis considers the weight distribution in the trailer by placing heavier features, like the water tanks, towards the center. This design integration leads to better handling and improved roadway performance.

This chassis incorporates cutting-edge suspension technology to soak up most road bumps and jolts, offering a smoother ride quality. It also has been crafted with a focus on reducing the overall weight of the RV, aiding in better fuel efficiency when on the move.