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2002 Airstream Safari Bambi Awnings

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Awning Patio Assembly 9'8 inch - 702993-04
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Claw Bar Satin for Airstream Awning - 718610-XXX
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Snap Stud Assembly for Zip Dee Awning 74054W
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The 2002 Airstream Safari Awnings are classic yet innovative fixtures designed to enhance the outdoor experience for all Airstream trailer users. These awnings are specifically made to withstand the unique weather conditions and offer prolonged durability, even with heavy usage.

Built from high-quality, heavy-duty fabric materials, the awnings are designed to be weather-resistant. They can withstand rain, direct sunlight, and wind, effectively protecting the outdoor space of your trailer from harsh elements. The fabric is also treated to resist mildew and fading, ensuring it maintains its beautiful aesthetic for many years.

The frame structure of the Airstream Awnings is sturdy and resilient. Made of robust aluminum, it provides ample support to the awning fabric, maintaining its shape even in strong wind conditions. The frame is designed to be easy to extend and retract, offering remarkable convenience for users.

A striking feature of the Airstream Awnings is their design compatibility with the Airstream trailer. They blend in seamlessly with the exterior design of the Airstream trailer, enhancing its overall appearance. When extended, they provide a substantial amount of shade, expanding the living area of the trailer to the outdoors.