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Thetford Dump Valves

Beginning in the mid-1960s Airstream trailers used Thetford waste valves. Thetford valves aren't as common as they once were but we have a supply on hand. Thetford valves have four bolt holes at 4-1/4" on center. 



Universal Thetford to Valterra Sewer Hose Connector 110515
This adapter allows older Airstream Thetford waste valve fittings to be used on any modern Sewer dum..
Valterra Adapter for Airstream Thetford Waste Valve 310107
This adapter bolts on to the Thetford dump valves.The opposite site has 3" slip-in adapter. (for 3" ..
Thetford Sewer Hose Adapter for Airstream 600241-01
Slip Hose Adapter Straight is to connect Airstream Sewer Hose to termination valve. Replacement..
Thetford Bayonet Ring Sewer Hose Connector 106877
Bayonet Ring Sewer Hose ConnectorSolvent cements to any 3" male nipple or 3" pipe. 3" I.D. x 4" O.D...
Hose Cap for Thetford Sewer Connectors 106356
Thetford Sewer Termination Cap with seal dust cap to protect drainage system.Compatibility: Any Airs..
Thetford Curved Sewer Hose Connector 106878
Hose Adapter CurvedFor connecting Airstream 3" sewer hose to drainage system.45 Degree Angled Connec..
Thetford Sewer Cap with Garden Hose Adapter 110359
Sewer Hose Connector; For Connecting Garden Hose To Sewer Hose Connects 3 Inch Sewer HoseColor: Whit..
Thetford Drain Valve for Airstream Holding Tank 106147
Drain Valve with HandleMPN: 08708Specifications:Operation Type: ManualType: Lower Mec..
Thetford Drain Valve for Airstream Holding Tank 106148
Drain Valve with HandleMPN: 08669Specifications: Toilet Flush Mechanism;Operation Type:&nb..
Thetford Drain Valve for Airstream Holding Tank 106150
Thetford Drain Valve with Handle and mounting screwsMPN: 08706Specifications: Operation Ty..
Thetford Drain Valve for Airstream Holding Tank 106149
Drain Valve without HandleMPN: 08709Specifications: Operation Type: ManualType: ..
Thetford Drain Valve for Airstream Holding Tank 106151
Drain Valve without HandleMPN: 08707Specifications: Operation Type: ManualType: ..
Thetford Dump Valve Repair Kit 09872
Contains all seals to repair any plastic Thetford Dump Valve. (Do not use for Stainless Still Valves..
Thetford Damp Valve Handle for Airstream 963710
Thetford Damp Valve Locking Pull Handle for Airstream blade valve.With nut and cotter pin. &nbs..
Thetford Pull Handle with Extension Rod for Dump Valves 04190
Pull Handle with extension rod and latch. To open blade valve installed inside tank housing. Co..
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