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Starting in 1983 up to today Airstream end cap compound curve segment panels are the same for the front and the rear of any trailer. For Example, If you looking at any of front curb side panel, it will be the same as a rear road side. 

Curb Side Front Upper Middle Segment 114891
Curb Side front mid top segment Compatibility: for Airstreams built from 1983-present. All segments ..
Top Center segment for narrow body Airstreams 114892
Aluminum body panel segment will fit on the top middle on narrow bodyCompatibility: Airstream traile..
Top Center Body Segment 114893
Aluminum Top middle segmentCompatibility:  Airstream trailers built from 1994 to the present. T..
Front Upper Middle Roadside Segment 114890
Aluminum Front upper middle curbside segment Compatibility: 1983-present Airstreams. All segments mu..
Front Roadside Bottom Segment 114894
Aluminum Front roadside bottom segmentCompatibility: Airstream travel trailers built from 1983 to th..
Rear Roadside Bottom Segment 114895
Aluminum Rear Roadside bottom segmentCompatibility: Airstreams built from 1983 to the present. ..
Rear Roadside Window Level Segment 114888
Aluminum Rear Roadside upper middle segmentCompatibility: for Airstreams 1983-present. All segments ..
Curb Side Rear Window Level Segment 114889
Aluminum  body panel Curb Side Rear Window Level Compatibility: Airstream trailers built f..
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