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Dometic Penguin Low Profile Airstream Air Conditioner 13,500 BTU 690323-46

Brand: Dometic Dometic
  • Part Number: 690323-46
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Dometic Penguin Low Profile Air Conditioner 13,500 BTU

This air conditioner can not receive heat strip 

Compatibility: Airstream Sport

High in power and low in profile, air conditioner is a reliable and cool performer. 13,500 BTU Electrical rating - 115V AC 60 Hz, 1 Ph Compressor-rated load amps - 12.4 Fan motor-rated load amps - 3.1 Compressor-locked rotor amps - 50.0 Fan motor-locked rotor amps - 8.8 SCFM, high-speed max./min - 335/250 Refrigerant (R22) oz. - 15.5 Minimum wire size - 12 AWG copper up to 24 ft. For distances over 24 ft. consult the National Electrical Code AC circuit protection - (User Supplied) 20 amp time delay fuse or 20 HCAR circuit breaker DC circuit protection - (User Supplied) Installation must comply with all national, state, provincial and/or local electrical codes.

A/C Unit come with the installation gasket.

For complete installation require following parts: 

1. Air Box p/n 195329-144 (not included)

2. Thermostat required p/n 195329-145 (not included)

3. Drain Kit p/n 693278

Optional: 2 Zone Comfort Controler ( a/c and furnace control) p/n 690323-31

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