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Power Cables and Plugs

Extension Cord Non-Detachable 30 Amp, Black 191813
Airstream Extension Cord Stripped Non-DetachablePlease Note: This cord will not work for 50 Amp..
Furrion Powersmart LED Cord Titanium Color 30 Amp 512401-01
Furrion's powersmart 30 amp Power Cord range come with blue LED indicators. This system has a LED li..
Furrion Powersmart LED Cord Black 30 Amp 198160
30A 30' Airstream Cord w/Power Light Power Cord Plus features power indicator light coach ..
Power Cord 30 Amp, 25' with Twist Lock 511416-03
Airstream Power Cord 30 Amp, 25' with Twist LockPlease Note: This cord will not work for 50 Amp supp..
50 AMP Airstream Power Cord 511149-03
50 AMP Airstream Power Cable 30'Please Note: This cord will not work for 30 Amp supplyPower Cord Ada..
Trailer Power Cord Adapter 15 Amp to 30 Amp 191729
Airstream Power Cord AdapterCompatibility:  any Airstream 30 AMP power cordsFor Connecting Airs..
Straight Power Cord Blade Adapter 30 Amp 190538
To connect Airstream power cable to regular 110V garage or RV campground receptacle. Features:E..
Power Inlet 50 AMP 125 V Stainless Steel Plug 512099-100
Airstream Power InletCompatibility: units with dual air conditioning Features: Type: ..
Power Inlet 30 AMP 125 V Stainless Steel Plug 512099
Upgrade your current power inlet with this great looking and durable power inlet. This is the standa..
Furrion Stainless Steel 30 AMP Inlet Plug 107160-05
Airstream Power Plug Inlet This stainless steel inlet's have been designed and built for use in hars..
Furrion Stainless Steel 50 AMP Inlet Plug 107160
Airstream Power Plug InletFurrion's new stainless steel inlet's have been designed and built for use..
Furrion Phone/ TV Cable Plug Inlet 105031
Furrion Phone/ TV Cable Inlet  with all stainless steel case.Type: Cable TV InletColor:&nb..
Furrion Gray Inlet with Stainless Plate 30A 512401-02
Furrion gray non-metallic square Plug  with stainless plateCompatibility: Airstreams with ..
Furrion Gray Inlet with Stainless Plate 50 Amp 512401
Airstream  gray non-metallic square with stainless plate 50 AmpFeatures:Power Rating: 50 A..
Furrion Dual Inlet TV/SAT Gray 513089
Furrion Dual Inlet TV/SAT GrayCompatibility: Airstream Flying Cloud, International, SafariFeatures:T..
Power Inlet for Power Cord, 30 Amp, 125 V, Gray 511416-02
Power Inlet for Power CordSpecifications:Color: grayPower: AC 30 amp, 125 VoltUV ResistantStainless ..
Cable TV Receptacle Gray 511416-05
Cable TV Inlet exterior with aluminum finish coverColor: GrayMaterial: Plastic..
Cover Weather Proof 110V GFI Gray 512741
Exterior Airstream Cover Weather Proof 110V GFI Gray Comaptibility: Sport 2015-2016Flying ..
Housing Exterior Inlet for 70s' Airstream 500169 NLA
Housing exterior 120V power outletCompatibility: 70s' - 80s' Airstream Trailer Material: A..
Airstream 110 Volt Receptacle Gray 511814-01
Airstream Receptacle Gray Dual Outlet PlasticColor: GrayPower: 110 VQTY in Pack: 1..
Dual Receptacle 110V White Self Contained 500563-03
RV Designer Receptacle 110V white fit any Airstream trailers .Recommended Use: OEMType: 12..
Multi Purpose Switch Faceplate White with Screws 500563-04
RV Designer Multi Purpose Switch Faceplate For Airstream Interior Outlet (500563-03)Compat..
Receptacle 110 Volt Black GFCI 512096
Receptacle 125 Volt AC Grounded Two-Wire Branch Circuits (15 Amp Or 20 Amp Over current Protect..
Receptacle 110V Black Self Contained 511815-01
Receptacle Self Contained 125 Volt AC Dual Black With Cover Plate..
Receptacle 110V Brown 512481-02
Brown Receptacle. 110V Fit any Airstream trailers ..
Receptacle Cover Plate Black 511815-02
110 V Receptacle Cover Plate BlackCompatibility: Airstream interior Replacement for p/n # ..
Receptacle Cover Plate Brown 512481-03
Wall Receptacle Replacement Cover BrownCompatibility: Airstream interiorfor p/n # 512481-02..
Receptacle Plate Cover Stainless Steel 511912
Replacement Receptacle PlateMaterial: Stainless SteelCompatibility: Fits part # 500563-03, 5112..
Coax Plug Wall Plate 511827
Wall Plate with Coax connector for Airstream TVCompatibility: 1999 and up Color: white..
Receptacle 110V with Dual USB Charger White 512481-08
Power: 110VUSB ChargerColor: WhiteQTY: 1 ..
Receptacle GFI White with Cover white
AC multi-use Box Low Profile
Shallow  box fits Airstream walls. Use standard receptacle or switch. ..
Airstream Wall Adhesive Wire Clamp (Pack of 100) 510110
These clamps are used to hold wires to keep them orderly and out of the way. The clamps are adhesive..
7 Wire Circuit Junction Box 190109
7 Wire Circuit Terminal Junction BoxCompatibility: Fit any Airstream (Universal)Features: Lengt..
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