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2010 Airstream Interstate Chassis

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The 2010 Airstream Interstate Chassis is the sturdy, sleek foundation for Airstream's iconic motorhomes, known for its superior construction and durability. This particular chassis was used on the Airstream Interstate Class B motorhomes during those years in production. It is based on the solid Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 van chassis, providing a strong base that can handle tough travel conditions.

The chassis features a compact design which allows for easier navigation on roads and in tighter spaces, while still providing the space and support necessary for a full-service, luxury mobile home. It is equipped with a powerful engine that offers excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions, ensuring better mileage and less impact on the environment. The muscle of the chassis supports the weight of the overall structure, making it safe for use on highways and more demanding off-road conditions.

The overall design and engineering of the Airstream Interstate Chassis incorporate advanced features like anti-lock brakes, stability control, and traction control, ensuring a smooth and safe journey every time. Furthermore, it includes a patio awning, dual rear wheels, cruise control, power mirrors with defrost and turn signals, a 5,000-pound hitch, and other attributes that enhance the practicality and accessibility of the vehicle.

Its sophisticated suspension system balances the weight across the chassis, ensuring a comfortable and smooth riding experience despite changing travel conditions. Safety is also a prime focus, with robust build quality, safety belts, and airbags for all passenger seating.