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2010 Airstream Interstate Awnings

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The 2010 Airstream Interstate Fiama Awning is a convenient and functional accessory designed to enhance your outdoor living space during road trips or camping adventures in your Airstream Interstate motor home. Designed and manufactured by renowned Italian company Fiamma, this awning is known for its superior quality and durability.

This model includes a self-standing feature that offers stability against inclement weather conditions such as wind or heavy rain. The awning features a unique, user-friendly design which is simple to set up and take down, ideal for those who engage in regular travel.

Made from high-quality, UV-resistant fabric, this Fiamma awning is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, provide shade and help maintain cool temperature inside the RV when parked. This is ideal in the summer months or in hot, sunny climates.

The Airstream Interstate Fiamma Awning attaches neatly to the side of the Airstream Interstate, and retracts easily. Once closed, it fits snugly and seamlessly with the exterior look of the motor home, maintaining the sleek and attractive aesthetic the Airstream brand is known for.

Additional features such as an adjustable pitch, secure locking system and optional privacy screens all cater to customizable comfort for camping and road trips. Overall, the Airstream Interstate Fiamma Awning combines style, convenience, and functionality, providing an enhanced experience for all Airstream Interstate enthusiasts.