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39 x 20.5" Airstream Window Side Curved NLA

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Airstream Window Glass, tempered, large curved,

Compatibility:  1966-68 only, 39" wide x 20.5" high. Original glass was .100" thick, new is .125" 1968 stainless steel trims will not fit.

Due to the fragile nature of glass we take extra care to package this window carefully and securely. The great majority of all glass that we ship arrives safely. Despite our best efforts glass can still be broken if mishandled during transit. It is vitally important that you inspect this window when it arrives before accepting it from the carrier. If there is any damage you must file a claim immediately with the carrier and notify us of your claim in case we can be assistance. 

Tags: Airstream -Window-Side-Curved-1966-1968

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