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Shade 14.5" x 22.75" for Airstream Skylight Silver 704120-01

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Pleated Sun Shade 

Color: Silver

Compatibility: Airstream Skylight 14.5" x 22.75"

Please check your year and model parts book.

How to install:

  • Locate pre-drilled holes in headrail (A). They are located on the underside of the headrail behind the first fabric pleat. The holes will have plastic installation grommets. Be careful not to damage the fa bric when installing the screws. A long screw bit is recommended (not included).
  • Position headrail (A) in skylight opening. Install screws through the headrail (A) in the pre-drilled holes and into the skylight frame.
  • Push center rail (B) next to the headrail (A).
  • Position rail (C) to the other end of the skylight, then install screws thru pre-drilled holes and into frame.

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