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Shaver Tool for 5/32" Olympic Rivets 106232

  • Part Number: 106232
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This aircraft tool attaches to standard drills to shave and finish the heads on the Shaveable Aluminum Bulb-tite rivets.

 It features an adjustable depth stop, and a concave shaving bit to get a perfect dome shape every time.

Installed rivets are first trimmed of the excess mandrel protruding above the rivet head using wire cutter.

 Next, Shaver is mounted in a standard 3/8" drill and positioned over the rivet head.

Actuating the shaver finishes the rivet head to provide the appearance of a brazier head solid rivet. 

Application: aluminum rivets only

Rivet Size: 5/32"

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year. 

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