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Adapter ABS Female 600308
Sewer Plumbing Adapter ABS Female SLOAN #2891Compatibility: 2000 - 2005 Airstream Bambi, Safari, Int..
Adapter Threaded Male CSA 601676
Adapter Threaded Male CSA Size:  1 1/2" Compatibility: 2000 - 2005 Safari, Bambi, Int..
LT Wye 3" Sewer Fitting 600187
LT Wye 3" Airstream Sewer Fitting Type: Long Turn WyeSize: 3 InchColor: BlackMat..
Sewer Coupling 1.5" ABS 600227
Airstream Sewer Line Coupling Diameter: 1.5"Material: ABS..
Tee Directional Clean Out 601318
Tee Directional Clean Out with 1-1/2" fittings..
Trap Adapter ABC 600822
Trap Adapter ABC for Airstream sink and shower P traps..
Wye 45 Degree 1-1/2" 600094
Airstream Sewer Wye 45 Degree 1-1/2"..
Wye Tee Sanitary 1-1/2" ABS 600156
Wye Tee Sanitary with 1-1/2" hub..
LT Wye 1.5" Sewer Fitting 600182
LT Wye 1.5"  Sewer FittingCompatibility: 1999 - 2005 Airstream Bambi, Safari, Exella, Classic..
Airstream Bambi 16' Waist Dump System 601607-100
This Kit include 5 OEM Parts.  Compatibility: Airstream Sport 16' ..
Waste Valve Adapter 310107
This adapter bolts on to the Thetford dump valves.The opposite site has 3" slip-in adapter. (for 3" ..
3" Sewer Waste Valve Fitting 110623
Valve Fitting FlangedSize: 3 Inch Hub X 3 Inch Rotating Flange X 2 Inch HubColor: BlackMat..
Sewer Waste Valve Fitting
Sewer Waste Valve Fitting; Flanged Fittings; San Tee Reducing With 3 Inch Bayonet x 3 Inch Rotating ..
Sewer Waste Slip Hub Fitting for Airstream 3" Valterra Valve 110610
Valterra Sewer Waste Valve Fitting Flanged Fittings 3" Slip Hub With Flange Plastic..
Sewer Waste Male Pipe Thread Fitting for 3" Valterra Valve
Sewer Waste Valve FittingFlanged Fitting3"  Male Pipe Thread FittingWith FlangePlastic..
Sewer Waste Spigot Fitting for 3" Valterra Valve
Sewer Waste Valve FittingFlanged Fitting3" SpigotWith FlangePlastic..
Sewer Waste Bayonet Fitting for 3" Valterra Valve 110616
Sewer Waste Valve FittingCompatibility: Airstream Trailers with Valterra Dump Valves Flanged Fitting..
Holding Tank Adapter 3" to 1.5" Reducer 195329-229
Holding Tank Adapter 3" to 1.5"  Reducer for Airstream Holding Tank..
Sewer Waste Female Pipe Thread Fitting for 3" Valterra Valve
Sewer Waste Valve FittingFlanged Fitting3"  Female Pipe Thread FittingWith FlangePlastic..
Bushing 3" spigot x 1-1/2" Slip ABS 106004
Sewer Waste Valve Fitting; Flush Bushing; 3 Inch Spigot x 1-1/2 Inch Slip; ABS Plastic..
Sewer Hose Connector
Used For: Connecting Sewer Hose To RV Sewer Waste Valve..
Street elbow,short 3"
2 1/8" to 4" Adjustable Hose Clamp
Hex head - 3/8" size convenience. Fast installation with socket, nut driver, or screw driver of any ..
Sewer Hose Storage Carrier Round Tube 601544-02
Sewer Hose Storage Carrier Round TubeCompatibility: any Airstream trailersType: FixedTube Shape..
Airstream Sewer Dump Hose Carrier Cap 898009
Airstream Sewer dump hose carrier cap Compatibility: sewer hose storage # 601544-02..
Macerator Pump For Sanitation Waste Dump System 602176
Compatibility: Airstream Interstate 2008-2017Ampere Rating: 16 AmpereVoltage Rating: 12 Vo..
Airstream No-Fuss Flush System Kit
No Fuss Flush System.Waste Holding Tank Rinser Use on Airstream Trailers To Dislodge and Flush Stubb..
Sewer Hose Kit Viper 20'
The Best known Sewer Kit for Airstream on the market. This Viper Sewer Hose Kit Viper is Vir..
Sewer Hose Kit Dominator 20'
The Best known sewer kit for Airstream Trailer  This Dominator sewer hose kit is flexib..
Ready to use Sewer Hose Kit 110170
The Ready to use easy slip sewer hose kit comes assembled with all you will need for quick ,reliable..
Dump Valve Extension Rod 12"
Attach this extension kit to your Airstream drain valve Valterra to extend the valve handle to a mor..
Handle for Sewer Dump Valve
Handle for Airstream Sewer Dump ValveCompatibility: Valterra Handle Actuated Sewer Waste Valves..
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