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Name Plates, Emblems and Decal

High Sky RV Parts offer the best selection of OEM and reproduction Airstream name plates, emblems and decals, covering most Airstream trailers built from 1950 to current. 

Airstream Excella Name Plate 109918
Airstream Excella Name PlateQuantity: 2 only used partMaterial: Cast AluminumSize: 8" x 4.5"..
Airstream Name Plate 1960s' 106970
Airstream decal name plate 1960s'Size: 21" x 3.5" Material: aluminum Etched Plate with blue ena..
Airstream Name Plate 1947-1950s' 106971
These plates are high quality etched aluminum precision reproductions of the original plates.Compati..
Early 50s' Airstream Production Serial Number Plate 106972
These plates are high quality etched aluminum precision reproductions of the original platesCompatib..
Airstream Production Serial Number Plate 106973
These plates are high quality etched aluminum precision reproductions of the original plates Co..
Airstream Decal Blue Perl (priced per ln. ft.) 385579
Airstream DecalColor:   Blue PerlCompatibility: 1990 Airstream trailer &  MotorhomePr..
Airstream Decal 6.5" Main Stripe, (priced per ln. ft.) 385958-02
Airstream Trailer Decalwater self adhesive Size: 6.5" Stripe  Strait run onlyCorner pieces..
Airstream Decal Striped Blue Excella 83-89, (priced per ln. ft.) 385794
Airstream Decal Striped BlueCompatibility: Airstream Excella 1983 - 1989..
Airstream Decal Striped (Price is per linear foot.) 385895
Side Body Decal Striped     Compatibility: 1990 Airstream ClassicShipping calculat..
Airstream Decal Side Lower 385896
Airstream Exterior Body Decal Side LowerSize:  6" ..
Airstream 5/16" Decal Stripe Black 386088
Airstream 5/16" Decal StripeColor: BlackSold per ln. ft...
Airstream Decal Striped (priced per ln. ft.) 385601
Airstream Decal StripedSize: 2,75" Color: BurgundyCompatibility: 1990 Airstream  Limited..
Airstream Decal Stripe 385900
Airstream Trailer Decal StripeSize: 1.75" TOP94-12762A..
Airstream Decal Stripe 3 pin 386086
Airstream Decal StripeSold by the linear footColor: Blue..
Airstream Decal Side Stripe 386050-01
Airstream Decal side StripeColor: BlueCompatibility: Airstream Bambi, SafariNO LONGER AVAILABLE...
Airstream Decal Stripe Blue 385958-01
Airstream Decal Stripe TopColor: BlueSize: 1.75" ..
Airstream Decal Side Center Limited 386048-07
Body Decal Side CenterCompatibility: Airstream LimitedColors: black, red, gray ..
Airstream Decal 2-3/4" Airstream Safari 385964-01
Decal 2-3/4" BlueCompatibility: 1999 Airstream SafariTHE BLUE IN THIS STRIPE HAS CHANGED SLIGHTLY. P..
Sovereign Of The Road Airstream Emblem NLA
Aluminum Production PlateCompatibility: Airstream Sovereign Of The Road  SOLD OUT NLADimensions..
Serial Number Plate for early 60s' Airstream 107361
High Quality Reproduction of original plateMaterial: AluminumEtched Aluminum Paint Color: BlueP..
Serial Number Plate Land Yacht Airstream 60s' 107362
High Quality Reproduction of original plateMaterial: AluminumEtched Aluminum Paint Color: BlueP..
Serial Number Plate International Land Yacht 60s' 107364
High Quality Reproduction of original plateMaterial: AluminumEtched Aluminum Paint Color: BlueP..
Serial Number Plate Land Yacht by Airstream 10131W
High Quality Reproduction of original plateMaterial: AluminumEtched Aluminum Paint Color: BlueP..
Name Plate Airstream Custom 195522-01
Name Plate Custom AirstreamMaterial: Aluminum CastSize:Length: 9 5/8"Width: 3"Height: 1/8"..
Airstream Medallion Burgundy 386063-01
Airstream Trailer medallionMaterial; Aluminum CastSize: 8"Color: Burgundy..
Airstream Medallion 12" 386043-01
Airstream MedallionSize: 12"Logo Red Enamel with self adhesive back. Compatibility: Airstream L..
Airstream Classic Medallion 10" 386129
Airstream Classic Medallion 10". This is an OEM Airstream part.Compatibility: Airstream ClassicMater..
Namplate Airstream International Sterling Gray 386259
Namplate Airstream International  Sterling Gray 10" 2013-2014 AIRSTRTEAM TRAILER T..
Argosy Minuet Side Cast Emblem 106045
Side Aluminum Cast EmblemCompatibility: Airstream ArgosyPart is used.Only one left. When sold, NO LO..
Nameplate Airstream Classic Blue Metallic 385891-03
Nameplate Classic Blue MetallicCompatibility: 1999 Airstream Classic TrailerDimensionsLength12 3/8"W..
Airstream Limited Nameplate Casting 385497-100
Casting Limited Nameplate  (NOT PAINTED)Compatibility: Airstream LimitedMaterial: Aluminum ..
Name Plate Purple Airstream 1000 Metallic 385893-01
Airstream Name plate purple 1000 metallic.Compatibility: Airstream Excella 1000Material: Aluminum Ca..
Safari by Airstream Legend Decal 385964-04 NLA
Safari by Airstream Legend DecalCompatibility: Airstream SafariColor: BlueDiscontinued, SOLD OUT..
Airstream Decal Stripe TOP Front Curb Side 385958-03
Airstream Decal Stripe  TOP Front Curb Side  Size: 1.75" x 4.5" ..
Airstream Decal Stripe Top Front Road Side 385958-04
Airstream Decal  Stripe Top Front Road SideSize: 1.75 x 4.5  SOLD OUT..
Decal Die Cut End Cap, 1990 Airstream Land Yacht Motorhome 385583
Decal Die Cut End Cap NLA Sold OUTCompatibility: 1990 Airstream Land Yacht Motorhome..
Airstream Letter Set Burgundy 385846-02
Airstream Letter Set Burgundy Compatibility: 1999 AIRSTREAM LIMITEDSize: 33" X 2"  &..
Airstream Letter set Blue/Silver 385846-01
Airstream Letter set Blue/SilverCompatibility: 1999 Exella and other Airstream models. Please check ..
Airstream International Name Plate Vintage 107142
Vintage Name Plate InternationalCompatibility: was used on the back of Airstream below window line l..
Airstrteam Amabassador 60s' Name Plate 10012
Airstrteam Amabassador Name Plate SOLD OUTAuthentic Name Plate. Aluminum Cast When sold no longer av..
Nameplate Airstream Classic Gray 385891-02
Nameplate Classic GrayCompatibility: 1999 AIRSTREAM LIMITED. Size: 12 1/2" X 1 1/2"..
Airstream Excella Cast Aluminum Name Plate 385892-03
Airstream Excella  Name Plate with blue backgroundMaterial: Aluminum castCompatibility: 1999 Ai..
Nameplate 1000 Blue Metallic Aluminum Cast 385893-03
Airstream Exella 1000 name plate with blue metallic backgroundCompatibility: 1999 AIRSTREAM EXCELLAD..
Casting Logo "AIRSTREAM" Sides, Forward 385890-02
Casting Logo "AIRSTREAM" Compatibility: 1999 Airstream Limited Size: 23" x 1-1/2"Material:..
Logo Safari Black Reflective 386089
Airstream Logo Safari Black ReflectiveCompatibility: 2003 -2005 Airstream TrailersSelf AdhesiveSize:..
Logo Bambi Raised Black 386092
Logo Airstream Bambi Raised Black Compatibility: 2002 - 2003 Airstream BambiColor: Black..
Medalion Airstream Motorhome NLA
Medalion Aluminum Cast NLA Compatibility: Airstream Motorhome .  Model 2008 - 2012. You ca..
Airstream Interstate Emblem Chrome 386255
Airstream Interstate EmblemSize: 1.182" X 12.435 Compatibility: 2013 -2016 Airstream Interstate20..
Badge-Interstate 1.159" X 12.439" Chrome 386256
Decal Airstream with Bar Charcoal Gay 385582-01
Decal  Airstream with Bar Charcoal GayCompatibility: 1998 -2006 AIRSTREAM TRAILER AND MOTORHOME..
Airstream Decal 32" Gold 386070
Airstream DecalSize: 32"Color:Gold     Compatibility: 2001 - 2003 Airstream ..
Airstream Decal Blue 385964-02
Airstream Decal Size: 1 5/16 X 32 BlueCompatibility: 1999 - 2002 Airstream ..
International Emblem LH NLA
Airstream International emblem new LH. This name plate has the studs sticking out of the back for ea..
Airstream Decal 2.4" x 28" Aluminum 386152
 This Airstream Decal has blue outline and aluminum finishCompatibility: 2005 Airstream Ty..
Airstream Decal Black 386151
Decal AirstreamSize:  1.3" x 16"Raised vinylColor: black letters ..
Decal Logo "AIRSTREAM" Chrome 386051
Self adhesive decal with chrome finishCompatibility: 1999 - 2004 Airstream Bambi, International, Cla..
Argosy Minuet Side Cast Emblem 106388 NLA
Side Cast Emblem AluminumCompatibility: Argosy MinuetDiscontinued, Sold Out..
Nameplate for Airstream International 386108
Nameplate InternationalCompatibility: 2002 - current Airstream You can feel confident buying th..
Airstream Nameplate-Classic 386169
Airstream Nameplate - Classic  Compatibility: 2006 -  up Airstream ClassicMaterial: Alu..
Airstream Medallion 3" Burgundy 386064-01
Airstream Medallion 3" Burgundy. Material; Aluminum CastingColor: red enamelSize:Length: 3"Widt..
Airstream Medallion 3" Lite Blue 386064-02
Airstream Trailer Medallion -3"  Lite Blue. Material: Aluminum CastingSize: Length: 3Width..
Safari Medallion 386127 NLA
Airstream Safari Medallion 10" SOLD OUT, NLAMaterial: Aluminum Casting..
Airstream Medallion 8" Black 386063-03 NLA
Airstream Trailer medallion, No Longer AvailableMaterial: Aluminum CastSizer: 8"Color: black enamel..
Medallion 70TH Anniversary Burgundy 386067-01 NLA
Medallion 70th Anniversary Emblem Blue 386067-02 NLA
Medallion 70th Airstream AnniversaryColor: Blue 4-3/8" blue enamel  Material: Aluminum Cas..
Airstream Medallion 12" Black 386043-03 NLA
Airstream Medallion Size: 12"Material: Aluminum CastColor: Black EnamelNO LONGER AVAILABLE...
Decal 4-11/16" Basement (150" roll) 385959-06
Side Body DecalSize: 4-11/16" Basement150 FT ROLL onlyCompatibility: 1999 Airstream Limited..
Stripe Top Decal (also below rear window) 385959-07 NLA
Stripe Top SOLD OUTCompatibility: 1999 Airstream Limited..
Airstream Decal Front Die Cut Blue (Pair) 386167-01 NLA
Airstream Decal  Front  Die  Cut Blue (Pair)NLA SOLD OUT..
Name Plate 70th Anniversary 386067-03 NLA
Name Plate Airstream 70th Anniversary . DISCONTINUEDDimensions:Length: 4 3/8"Width: 2"Depth: 1/8"..
Airstream Classic Decal RS/CS Die Cut 386083 NLA
Airstream Classic  Decal RS/CS Die Cut NLA SOLD OUTCompatibility: 2002 - 2004Airstream Classic ..
Airstream Safari Legend Decal 385964-03 NLA
Airstream Safari Legend Decal SOLD OUTSize: 1-1/2" X 10-5/8"..
Logo Classic Smoke Chrome 386087 NLA
Logo Classic Smoke Chrome NLA SOLD OUTCompatibility: 2002 - 2003 Airstream Classic..
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