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Main Door Lock Replacement for 1978 - 1991 Airstream 106480

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Shank Length (IN)
Main Lock

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Airstream Main Door Lock for 1978 to 1991 trailers (must slightly modify door)

Compatibility: 1978 - 1991 Airstream Trailer Main Door Lock can be installed instead of original lock.

(Original Lock Keeler Brass No Longer Available)

For trailers with KT Lock (Part is NLA): This lock can be used as replacement, but you would have to made your own adapter plates. 

Installation Instruction

1. Remove old lock 

2. Install One aluminum plate on exterior door panel, covering existing square hole from old lock

Make sure that both plates perfectly align before riveting

3. Align second plate on interior door panel 

4. Install lock

5. Replace striker plate in needed.


To avoid patch on your door re panel door with new aluminum. Replacement panel from Airstream is NLA (no longer available)

Use p/n : 

Aluminum Sheet Side Lower Plastic Coated 0.040" x 33" x 201" # 114879-201

Panel must be fabricated from this aluminum.

Specifications of Main Door Lock Replacement for 1978 - 1991 Airstream 106480
Shank Length (IN) Main Lock

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